Automate Your Home With These 4 Smart Home Devices

Smarthomes are not just for the elite anymore - with a little trip to the hardware store or simply at an online place, you can easily make your home or your office space a little more automated and smart and make it super easy to manage. To make your life a bit easier than usual, Kedsie Gadgets brings multiple smart home devices for you to choose from and make your daily life efficient!

Let’s take a look at 5 smart home devices to automate your home like no other!

1. Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

The smart fingerprint door lock is a multifunctional fingerprint technology you can apply at home - you can easily unlock your door by fingerprint in only 0.25 seconds, that’s smart, right? You can go out without carrying a key, which is super safe and reliable, unlike keys.

The key comes with 2 keys for standby applications that allow you to unlock the door in the traditional way as an emergency key if things go south. The smart fingerprint can conveniently store 30 fingerprints that can be easily opened and bring convenience to your life. You can find smart fingerprint door locks at Kedsie Gadgets at easy-to-go prices and apply to your home!


2. Personal safety infrared detector

Personal safety infrared detectors adopted the advanced smart chip, it is super delicate and you can find the exact suspicious device at a fixed point by simply adjusting the sensitivity intensity with a wide detection range. This infrared detector is a perfect defender to protect your privacy - it can be easily used for hotels, homes, cars, bathrooms, toilets, etc.

The features include multifunctional detection, which is super easy to carry and comes with wide applications. It is a 3-in-a-1 detector that provides multifunctional detection, including infrared scanning, magnetic field signal detection, RF wireless signal detection, GPS locators, magnetic suction positioner and bug and other equipment.


3. UV Light Ultraviolet Toothbrush Dispenser

The UV light toothbrush dispenser sterilizer is easy to attach to the wall with double-sided adhesive tape. It comes with home lightning and solar, there is a plug required with no batteries to replace, it is super safe and economical. 

It comes with an infrared intelligent sensor lamp at the top left corner, with the infrared intelligent induction system ensuring effective sterilization yet avoiding harmful UV light. The package includes a toothbrush sterilizer, USB cable, installation accessories and a user manual.

4. Air Quality Monitor Digital Formaldehyde Detector

You can easily measure the (HCHO), TVOC that causes the most odors, Co2 and care about your family’s health. It offers the temperature difference compensation calibration technology for accurate measurement. It can be easily connected to the power bank to monitor for enclosed spaces and track the sources of the contamination.

It can be used in greenhouse plantings, with farm indoor air detection, household air detection and so on. The packing includes an air quality monitor, USB cable and manual with this Air Quality Monitor Digital Formaldehyde Detector.



It’s high time that you make your life a little more livable and smart as now the world is moving towards it as well. By adding a few smart devices and appliances, you can make your life efficient and control it from anywhere. Invest in them now by adding these products from Kedsie Gadgets to your life!