5 Most Practical and Useful Car Accessories

Regardless of whether it’s your new car or an old one, your vehicle deserves the best of car accessories this 2022. Premium car accessories and other useful materials not only enhance your driving experience but also offer you great comfort and plenty of conveniences you never thought of having on the road! We know you love your car right? So, let’s focus on making your experience as exquisite as possible! 


Here are some of the top car accessories you can easily get from Kedsie Gadgets now! 

1. Car Scratch Repair Polisher

You can get a car scratch repair polisher and apply for a quick waxing while pressing! You can conveniently press out the wax and press it down the top wax box. It is super easy to grip as well as wax evenly. Say goodbye to all the scratches and flaws, as it can remove them while also removing the stains too. It comes with high-quality liquid wax that does not hurt the car paint, also offers an accurate capacity ratio, you can freely use it for almost half a year.


2. Wireless car vacuum cleaner

Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner offers large suction with strong suction features, it is super-easy to absorb dust, scraps of paper, ash, melon seeds, etc. The capacity can reach up to 6000 PA. It comes with a HEPA filter screen with layer-by-layer protection and super durability! The vacuum volume is sizable and it can be stored in the car easily as well as in other places.


3. Bluetooth version 5.0 FM transmitter

Kedsie Gadgets  offers an amazing Bluetooth version 5.0 FM transmitter  with accurate structural design, Bluetooth version 5.0 and USB 3.1A charging. You can easily charge it for listening and it comes with support power and storage functions too. The transmitter also comes with a built-in noise-canceling circuit that makes the voice clearer and offers wireless transmission technology easily too.


4. Gravity car phone holder

Gravity car phone holder comes with an ultra-thin design with multiple space-saving for the car interior altogether. Kedsie Gadget’s car phone holder comes with the smallest size in the market, offering excellent visibility for the driver and making route tracking super easy. The features include anti-scratch protection, the high-quality softness of the bracket, the bracket is designed with 7 points support for maximum security as well as 6 silicone claws providing strong stability.


5. Car Seat Back Storage Zipper Bag

Kedsie’s car seat back storage zipper bag  offers a multi-pocket design that helps to keep your foods and drinks organized in the car and it is super-free from any clutter. It has super-adjustable and elastic straps to fit most vehicles for both the top and bottom section securely fixed in place! It offers a quick-release buckle and a smooth zipper closure for energy-saving installation and items picked up.


Wrapping it Up

It’s important to keep your vehicle clean and tidy! While you spend so much of your time keeping the vehicle impeccable from the outside, do not forget the interiors when it comes to it! We have mentioned plenty of car accessories you can get for yourself and make those interiors shine only at Kedsie Gadgets